Rankeando! Video Rankeando: The Wormhole - FPV Proximity

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    [video=The Wormhole - FPV Proximity]214[/video]
    Que nota le pones? : The Wormhole - FPV Proximity
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    Flown on DroneXLabs frame! You can order it at: http://www.dronexlabs.com/
    The DXL is a high quality frame and the combo they offer has best components available :)
    Amazing quads coming too, stay tuned for more info!

    Cobra 2205 - 2300kv
    LittleBee 20A
    Bullnose HQ 5x45
    Aomway 200mw
    PZ0402 600TVL
    Taranis + x4r SBus
    Betaflight 2.1.5, LuxFloat
    Dominator V2​

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