Rankeando! Video Rankeando: Testing NEW ROTORACER Motor 2206 2800kv

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    14 Dic 2008
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    [video=Testing NEW ROTORACER Motor 2206 2800kv]239[/video]
    Que nota le pones? : Testing NEW ROTORACER Motor 2206 2800kv
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    Especial thanks to my friends of Rotoracer. http://shop.rotoracer.eu/
    To give me this awesome motors. Now no is avaible . But in few weeks or one Month is avaible.

    When.... i hear everybody talking about high kv motors. No is very clear the opinions. And my first reaction when receive these motors , is bad. I think this motors suck a lot of amps , no go up a lot of kv and mabye find a litle bit of power.

    But.... when i see the pilots of the team rotoracer flying with these motors , I dont believe. The sound of rpm is awesome ! and the time of fligth is only a bit less .

    I decide to mount and test . And the results is awesome ! These motors are ligthweight arround 26gr w/o nut and 2 cm of wire. And the power is insane .

    This is my second fligth with these motors and share in raw to see the power , speed , and flight time .

    Setup use

    Rotoracer motors 2206 2800kv http://shop.rotoracer.eu/
    Frame DXL Piranha X Custom Frame Avaible soon 210 mm
    Esc Ftv little bee 20A
    Props ! Gemfan 5045 bullnose
    FC : Naze 32 Rev 5 ( THE BEST ) with boris betafligth 2.6.0
    Camera 1177 with 2.1 lens
    Vtx foxer 40ch 200mw
    Rx Graupner gr 12 use sumD
    Tx Graupner Mz 24
    Lipo Gens ace tattu 1300 mah 4s 75c http://www.mercadorc.es/epages/ea8686.sf/es_ES/?ObjectPath=/Shops/ea8686/Products/TA-75C-1300-4S1P.

    Gopro hero 4 session with creative dex mount. Awesome


    Full weight with gopro 498gr

    Thanks to all of my sponsors.

    Thanks to Graupner
    Thanks to Mercado rc
    Thanks to Drone X labs
    Thanks to Xblade team

    Drone X Labs sites

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    23 Nov 2014
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    Para cuanto dan unas baterías de 1300? Seguro que 2 minutillos máximo, no?
  3. dani_pacha

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    14 Dic 2008
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    Perdona alex no lo vi antes.

    Si por ahi ahi ! es lo que hay . Motores mas potentes. todo mejor pero las lipos siguen siendo las mismas de hace 10 años. en cuanto a capacidad tamaño , peso.

    Un saludo

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