Rankeando! Video Rankeando: Expodronica FPV Race 2015 VLog and Extras!!

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    2 Feb 2015
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    [video=Expodronica FPV Race 2015 VLog and Extras!!]188[/video]
    Que nota le pones? : Expodronica FPV Race 2015 VLog and Extras!!
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    I want to make an remix video, of all recorded on the Expodronica FPV Race Event, on Zaragoza, Spain. And show you with you how we are on Back stage :D (A little crazy people, like MetallDanny Says me hahahahah), and after finish the Expo, of course, made our free flights around the city of Zaragoza... ripping some balls :D

    This event was amazing!! For know and meet great and very friendly people, this hobby it's the best!!!

    Have fun and enjoy it!! ;)

    Thank you to my sponsors!!
    Thanks for watching and please like & subscribe!!! ;)

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    -Maroon 5 - This Summer (Dropwizz 'Future Trap' Remix)
    -GTA - Red Lips feat. Sam Bruno (WOLFE Remix)

    - Blackout Mini H Quad / ZMR 5" custom arms.
    - Cobra 2204- 2300kv
    - HQ 5040-3 green
    - RCtimer DYS Mini 20A ESC - BLHeli 14 - One shot Enable/Dampering Light/Timing Medium-Hight
    - Acro Naze 32 on Cleanflight 10.0.0 - PID 2 - LuxFloat (BorisB Hex)
    - Gens Ace Tattu 4S 1300 - 75C
    -Sony Super HAD CCD 600TVL D-WDR DNR - 2.8mm lens
    -Boscam TS5860 video transmitter
    -Boscam FPV 5.8G Clover Spirit Mushroom Antenna RP-SMA TX
    -Gopro 4 Silver. (with water case - bad sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uJ805vjr_U )

    -Maroon 5 - This Summer (Dropwizz 'Future Trap' Remix)
    -GTA - Red Lips feat. Sam Bruno (WOLFE Remix)​
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    19 Sep 2015
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    Un cero por no haberla hecho en fin de semana

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