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    The quadcopter needs a camera, something to power the camera and something to transmit the signal from the camera to your receiver on the ground.
    The camera
    In terms of cameras you want to look for 'Wide Dynamic Range' or 'WDR' as this means you wont be blinded flying from dark to light conditions and vice versa. This camera is a good choice;
    "600TVL SONY Super HAD CCD II D-WDR Mini FPV Camera 2.8mm Wide Angle Lens"
    It has Wide Dynamic Range, A good field of view (90 degrees approx) and isn't too pricey, relatively speaking. Also it runs off 12 volts which makes the wiring simpler. You can get cheaper cameras but you may not be able to see very well depending on lightning conditions.
    Low pass filter
    To power the camera you can take 12 volts from your main battery using your power distribution board or whatever handy solder points are nearest. But your power is noisy - all those high frequency motors / speed controllers etc. This noise will reduce your video quality and range so you need a low pass filter. A low pass filter just filters out the high frequency noise in between the camera and video transmitter, and the rest of the quadcopter - so you want 12 volts going in to the low pass filter and all your video gear running off the output from that;
    Video Transmitter
    Finally you need something to transmit the signal. You can buy a variety of different brands of transmitters and receivers - not all of which are cross compatible - so i will focus on the cheap generic stuff.
    I am using 5.8ghz for my video signal. There is lots of 5.8ghz video equipment available now and it doesn't interfere with 2.4ghz on your controller. If you want to run video at 2.4ghz you will need a different controller frequency.

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